How to Ace Your Nursing Job Search This Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season, which means lots of time off from work! Suppose you’re a nursing student or nurse looking to move on to your next healthcare career. In that case, this break can be an excellent time to take stock of your skills, review your goals, and make time to search for new job […]

Questions to Ask Before You Start Your New Nursing Job

New nurses, welcome to your new job! It might be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry—we’ve been there. We’ve put together this list of questions to ask your manager or HR department during orientation so you know what kind of support and resources will be available when you start working. 1. What kind of support […]

The Best Gifts For Healthcare Workers This Year

This year, there are many gifts for health care workers to choose from. From small and compact items that they can take with them on their daily rounds, to larger items that they can use at home, these presents will never go amiss with a nurse in your life. What to get a nurse? If […]

Five Best Practices For Recruiting Healthcare Professionals

If you are a healthcare recruiter or a hiring manager in the medical field, you know how hard recruiting for healthcare is. Healthcare professionals can be picky about where they work and what their expectations are. But with these five best practices, you’ll have an easier time recruiting for healthcare professionals. In the healthcare recruiting […]

Why Healthcare Workers Are Practicing Self-Care by Taking a Staycation

Thinking About Relocating? 5 Reasons to Consider Boston, MA CHN Healthcare Group

For healthcare workers, it’s no secret that the job is difficult. They spend long hours at work, often in stressful environments, while working with people they care about. The last thing they want to do is send themselves into a downward spiral of fatigue and stress — but that’s exactly what happens when you don’t […]

Should You Take On A Per Diem Healthcare Assignment?

Per diem healthcare assignments can be a good option for nurses who want some flexibility in their schedules. Per diem nurses are assigned temporary work, which allows them to take on assignments that fit their schedule and interests as well as gain experience in an area of nursing they may not have had before. However, […]