Measuring The Quality of a Healthcare New Hire

Any hospital needs to track the performance and effectiveness of every employee on their team. However, this scenario especially matters when considering new hires, no matter their specific medical discipline. Measuring the quality of each new employee ultimately helps vet the quality of your medical company’s hiring process.   Many staffing professionals feel measuring the […]

Do You Have Compassion Fatigue?

Many nurses begin a career in the medical field because they have an empathic nature and love helping people. However, becoming overworked might lead to nursing burnout and a concept known as compassion fatigue. Importantly, managing things before it adversely affects patient care remains critical for both nurses and nursing managers.   So let’s look […]

Recruiters Share Top Skills to Become an Effective Home Health Care Case Manager

Home health care case management is a growing field that requires a unique set of skills and abilities. Case management recruiters in Boston, MA, look for candidates with the clinical expertise and interpersonal skills to manage complex cases in a variety of settings.   Knowledge of disease processes, treatment protocols, and medications is essential for case […]

A Recruiter’s Guide to Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

A nursing shortage across the country continues to increase the demand for talented and experienced medical professionals. Even with this situation, sometimes nurses find it difficult to attract notice from hiring managers on LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn remains the preeminent social network for healthcare professionals, recruiters regularly use it to source nursing candidates.   So if […]

How to Recruit and Retain Registered Nurses in Home Health Care

Nursing is one of the professions hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, with overwork, burnout, and job satisfaction causing hospital nurses to look for a change—or leave the profession entirely. Home health RN jobs offer great opportunities for registered nurses looking for new work environments. To avoid losing the valuable skills of experienced nurses, home […]

New to Nursing? Here are Three Ways to Develop Your Career!

Congratulations on beginning a hopefully lifelong career as a nursing professional. The rewards in this profession remain numerous, especially if you love helping people manage their health and well-being. Additionally, with the demand for nurses at a historic high, you enjoy the opportunity for a lucrative professional life.   Still, you must take a proactive […]