Navigating the Job Market: Essential Tips for Nurses Seeking New Opportunities

Even with the strong demand for talented nurses, looking for a new position requires planning and persistence. You need to update your résumé as well as spend significant time practicing your interviewing techniques. If you want to transition into a new nursing niche, additional training and certifications might be needed. Taking advantage of the copious […]

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

As National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, November provides an opportunity to recognize medical professionals providing this crucial care. HACPM lets your healthcare establishment show your nurses their work matters in improving the quality of life for patients. This recognition helps keep the morale of your team high, despite the sometimes difficult nature of their […]

Optimizing Nurse-Patient Ratios: Strategies For Effective Care

The current nursing shortage requires hospital administrators to adopt a proactive approach to managing nurse-patient ratios. After all, it remains a critical factor in ensuring the overall safety and well-being of patients. Additionally, employing too few nurses results in your current staff becoming overworked, burned out, and potentially leaving the field. Let’s analyze a few […]

Embrace a Career in Home Care Nursing to Make a Difference in Patients’ Lives

If you have an empathic nature, consider a rewarding career as a home care nurse. These medical professionals usually provide care to patients recovering from an illness or another injury. The duties let you forge a meaningful personal connection with those under your care. Here is a high-level overview of the home care nursing niche […]

Employers Must Provide Their Nursing Staff a Great Work Environment

nurse staffing for hospice organizations in massachusetts

Creating a positive work environment remains important for employers no matter their business sector. In the world of healthcare, however, it plays a critical role reducing the stress levels on your nursing team. As such, your medical organization must adopt a proactive approach to inspire your nurses to provide exceptional patient care.   With a […]

Celebrate Certified Nursing Assistants Week

Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Medical Team Standing In Hospital Corridor

Nursing assistants play a crucial role in providing high quality healthcare to patients in hospitals and medical offices. However, sometimes their contributions get overlooked, which is the reason for Certified Nursing Assistants Week, from June 15-21. Leverage this opportunity to recognize the critical work of these medical professionals supporting both doctors and nurses.   Let’s […]