A Fast Process When Recruiting Medical Professionals is Crucial!

Your hospital or medical office needs an influx of experienced medical professionals as quickly as possible. When considering the strong demand for nurses and other healthcare talents, a fast recruiting process becomes critical. After all, the most talented candidates might only be available for a few weeks. In short, a slow staffing process costs you […]

Combating Staffing Shortages in Long-Term Care

A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that nearly 60% of Americans say they have difficulty finding a nursing home that meets their needs. More than half say they would have trouble finding one that meets the needs of a family member. The report also found that 58% of Americans think the quality […]

The Best Gifts For Healthcare Workers This Year

This year, there are many gifts for health care workers to choose from. From small and compact items that they can take with them on their daily rounds, to larger items that they can use at home, these presents will never go amiss with a nurse in your life. What to get a nurse? If […]

If You’ve Always Wanted To Travel, Nursing Might Be The Career For You!

If You've Always Wanted To Travel, Nursing Might Be The Career For You! CHN Healthcare Group

For those who want to explore the United States, a career as a traveling nurse can be ideal. Ultimately, there’s a lot to like about working as a travel nurse. To understand why, let’s answer some of the biggest questions about traveling nurses. What Is a Travel Nurse? A travel nurse is a nursing professional […]