Is a Lack Of Career Development Opportunities Hurting Your Talent Search?

You want the best healthcare job candidates to join your organization. However, your organization’s lack of career development opportunities may be inadvertently hurting your talent search.   Ultimately, it benefits your organization and job candidates to promote career development opportunities. Here are three reasons why:   1. You Can Show Job Candidates You Are Committed […]

Steps to Improve Your Candidate Experience

You want job candidates to feel great about your healthcare organization. To achieve your goal, you must account for the candidate experience. Otherwise, you risk missing out on opportunities to promote your organization and foster goodwill with candidates.   A positive candidate experience can go a long way. It can help your healthcare organization stand […]

If You’ve Always Wanted To Travel, Nursing Might Be The Career For You!

If You've Always Wanted To Travel, Nursing Might Be The Career For You! CHN Healthcare Group

For those who want to explore the United States, a career as a traveling nurse can be ideal. Ultimately, there’s a lot to like about working as a travel nurse. To understand why, let’s answer some of the biggest questions about traveling nurses. What Is a Travel Nurse? A travel nurse is a nursing professional […]