Home Health Care: From Résumé to Rewarding Career

If you want a nursing career that’s rewarding on multiple levels, consider becoming a home health care nurse. These medical professionals provide important care to patients residing at home instead of within a hospital. The outpatients receiving care might be an elderly person, or someone with a serious disease, injury, or disability. Working in home […]

Which Nursing Career Niches Provide The Best Opportunities

The nursing profession provides a myriad of interesting career paths available to anyone working in the field. It offers a chance for a nurse to choose a niche compatible with the hopes for their professional life. For example, if you want to maximize your earning potential, consider becoming a travel nurse. Those with a strong […]

Optimizing Nurse-Patient Ratios: Strategies For Effective Care

The current nursing shortage requires hospital administrators to adopt a proactive approach to managing nurse-patient ratios. After all, it remains a critical factor in ensuring the overall safety and well-being of patients. Additionally, employing too few nurses results in your current staff becoming overworked, burned out, and potentially leaving the field. Let’s analyze a few […]

Will Getting a Certification Add Value to My Nursing Career?

Experienced doctor and patient

Keeping your nursing career on the right track requires a proactive approach to continuing education. You need to regularly add new skills to your portfolio as well as keeping your current capabilities sharp. As such, regularly earning a few relevant nursing certifications remains a critical piece of this puzzle.   So let’s look more closely […]

Feeling Stuck in Your Current Nursing Role? Here’s How to Grow Your Career!

If you seem trapped in your current nursing job, understand that this feeling remains normal. However, getting out of any career rut requires taking a proactive approach. With the demand for nurses at a historical high, interesting opportunities abound for those with the drive to succeed.   With a goal of putting your nursing life […]