Where Do Healthcare Workers Find Careers That Offer Flexible Work Options?

A nursing or other career in healthcare sometimes causes a significant amount of work-related stress. This isn’t surprising considering many nurses become overworked due to staff shortages and the strong demand for their services. Having a position providing a measure of scheduling flexibility ultimately helps healthcare professionals balance their personal and work lives.   If […]

Employers Must Provide Their Nursing Staff a Great Work Environment

nurse staffing for hospice organizations in massachusetts

Creating a positive work environment remains important for employers no matter their business sector. In the world of healthcare, however, it plays a critical role reducing the stress levels on your nursing team. As such, your medical organization must adopt a proactive approach to inspire your nurses to provide exceptional patient care.   With a […]

What Nurses Wish Patients Realized About Hospice

Hospice nurses possess an especially strong sense of empathy, making them a vital part of the nursing world. Of course, they want to provide exceptional end-of-life support to those under their care and their families. However, they also want these patients to understand hospice provides an opportunity to live their final days with joy.   […]

Travel Nursing Myths and Misconceptions: Debunked!

The nursing shortage in the United States continues to foster high demand for nurses willing to travel. Lucrative opportunities abound, and the fact many medical establishments pay housing costs for travel nurses only increases your earnings. It also provides a way to see different parts of the country, including escaping the winter for warmer climates. […]

Do You Have Compassion Fatigue?

Many nurses begin a career in the medical field because they have an empathic nature and love helping people. However, becoming overworked might lead to nursing burnout and a concept known as compassion fatigue. Importantly, managing things before it adversely affects patient care remains critical for both nurses and nursing managers.   So let’s look […]

A Recruiter’s Guide to Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

A nursing shortage across the country continues to increase the demand for talented and experienced medical professionals. Even with this situation, sometimes nurses find it difficult to attract notice from hiring managers on LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn remains the preeminent social network for healthcare professionals, recruiters regularly use it to source nursing candidates.   So if […]