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Top 3 Benefits of Working with a Staffing Agency

What are the benefits of using a staffing agency from the client perspective? A recent survey through the American Staffing Association showed that having flexibility, speed to fill vacancies, and access to talent they may not be able to find on their own are the most widely reported reasons for taking advantage of temporary employee usage. Flexibility can include providing both the candidate and client the chance to gauge the “fit” before hiring. It has been well documented that it is almost more expensive to hire the wrong candidate than to leave the position vacant. Although hiring a temporary employee can be looked at as costly, knowing you have a good fit by skill set, experience, culture, and interest is actually less expensive than unsuccessful hires. You do not need to advertise, you do not need to provide a formal training in most cases, and you do not need to deal with the employee if you choose not to. Just like some employees like that they can have that 1 degree of separation initially and not have to be involved in the office politics, you as the employer can also punt those more difficult conversations to the staffing agency to make sure their employee gets the message and any potential issues are resolved. Speed to fill vacancies is also a draw to staffing agency use. If you’ve been posting Ads everywhere and then calling and scheduling interviews with candidates who call to cancel, reschedule or just don’t call or show up is both time consuming and frustrating. This cycle can go on for months. Or you finally find the perfect candidate but lots of other employers like that candidate as well and you make an offer only to have it turned down. If you call a staffing agency and let them know what you need in a candidate to fill the request, all you do then is wait for the agency to start sending you resumes of qualified and interested candidates and facilitate the interviewing, selection and start of the candidate you select. With CHN, you are not locked into a contract period that becomes costly if your needs change; you can use one or more of our nurses or therapists for as long as you need and then when you don’t, you simply let us know. We are tapped very often for periods of rapid growth, MLOAs, vacation coverage, software implementation as well as regular ongoing needs due to the quality and experience our staff bring to an agency. Lastly, we often hear at CHN, “where do you find your nurses?” Access to talent you may not otherwise ever come across is our specialty. Years of recruitment experience and focusing on the best interests of both our candidates and clients has created deep sourcing methods of more passive talent. They are not posting their resumes or responding to job advertisements. Would it be worth it to see what bringing one of our experienced nurses or therapists into your organization might be like? Call CHN today and learn more about what augmenting your staff can do for your business.

Call CHN today and learn more about what augmenting your staff can do for your business.