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CHN Health Care Group is the nation's premier home healthcare staffing agency based in Eastern Massachusetts.

Home Health, Hospice, & Healthcare staffing Services

As a leading healthcare staffing agency based in Boston, MA we place registered nurses in home care, hospice, and case management jobs nationwide. Our local healthcare recruiters understand the challenges and opportunities that are unique to the Eastern Massachusetts market as well as those that exist nationally. We connect employers with skilled home health RNs and LPNs that have worked with the Community Health Network for an average of 3-5 years, some as long as 20! 

To learn more about our healthcare staffing services for home care, hospice, and case management positions, contact CHN today.

Flexible staffing for Home Health Nurses in boston & beyond

The recruiters at our healthcare staffing firm in Massachusetts help cover different facets of home care on a short-term, long-term, or per diem basis. Because we don’t require a defined contract period, our clients have complete flexibility to adapt to fluctuating demand.

Our Medical Employment Agency Fills Home Health RN Jobs For:

  • Home Care
  • Hospice
  • Health Plans
  • Immunization Clinics
  • Doctors’ Offices
  • Employee Health
  • Schools
  • Field and Remote Case and Care Management

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For temporary, short or long-term needs, our dependable nurses are there when you need them most. Cover leaves of absence, maternity leaves, vacations or augment your core staff for periods of rapid growth or expansion.

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Direct Hire

When you need to fill that critical leadership role, CHN will partner with you to not just find you a candidate; CHN will find the best candidate based on mutual needs and interest, that shares your philosophy and values, ultimately resulting in better retention. Our goal of every search is a win-win situation, for both our client and the candidate!

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CHNhire is a Single Source Staffing Solution VMS platform. CHNhire delivers real-time reporting and all the metrics you need. Because only when you have an understanding of where your money is going, can you begin to identify where costs can be cut.

Our technology provides an in-depth understanding of your external recruitment spend, so that you can identify the appropriate areas of cost containment and optimize your future workforce. CHNhire also gives you access to real-time reporting for active hires, time sheets, temp spend, invoicing and associate hours.

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