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CHN has made it possible for me to have both an active hospice RN career and work extensively with a non-profit out of country.  The support, quality and humanity of this agency has been remarkable.  For anyone seeking non-traditional employment, I recommend it!

Wendy Jenner, RN CHPN

I have been employed at community health network for the past seventeen years. My experience has been a truly positive one. I have always been working in a community health setting. My duties involved skilled nursing and palliative care/ hospice. Always rewarding, always fulfilling. Thank You, CHN!

Stephen Thornton, RN

My time working with CHN was wonderful. CHN allowed me the flexibility to choose the days and times that I was available to work with “no questions asked.” I had the freedom to work for an agency, doing meaningful work, while also retaining valuable autonomy. This is an important area of work for people who find themselves needing extra flexibility. I was pregnant/a new mom throughout much of my time with CHN, and the flexibility meant that I didn’t have to overextend myself with work. It gave me valuable time with my family, and allowed me to work as much as I wanted to work. I would recommend it to nurses/PTs who are seeking flexibility and a supportive work environment

Amanda Macadam, RN

While my mother was alive, I had to travel back and forth to NYC to take care of her. I was able to schedule my time with CHN whenever I was home, and take off when I needed to care for my mother. I couldn’t have made it through this time working any other way.

Joy Chase

When I think of Community Health Network, I think of quality and service; experienced nurses that quickly adapt to our agency.

Kathy Souleotis

What I love about Community Health Network is that when your life changes, your job at CHN can change with you. It’s a way of working that helps me fit my career into my life.

Amy Gilvarry

I have two children in college and work as a school nurse during the academic year. CHN helps me earn the additional income I need during the summer to pay for two tuition bills.

Kate Heitman

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