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Employee Appreciation Day! We are so thankful to work with YOU!

March 1st is Employee Appreciation Day, which has us reflecting on all the reasons we love working for CHN. Our staffing agency in Holliston, Massachusetts has been connecting exceptional healthcare talent with rewarding placements since 1985. But it is not just our luck at matching clinicians with ideal facilities nationwide, it’s our CULTURE that truly sets us apart: 

Supportive Community Culture
At CHN you are never just a number.  We are clinicians first! From day one, we make every clinician feel welcome as part of our community. Seasoned team members act as mentors, new hires form lasting friendships, and our Culture Club plans fun events like paint nights and volunteering days. Even while working varied shifts across different states, you will always have your CHN team’s support. 

Our teams have unmatched career guidance, from both our CEO and COO as well as our veteran nurses, the insight from our travelers about out-of-state assignments, and having 1:1 career coaching makes growth feel truly limitless, no matter your experience level or aspirations. The connections made at CHN last years beyond any one placement. 

Self-Care That Goes Above and Beyond
Our commitment to clinicians goes deeper via personalized mental health benefits, nutrition guidance and time set aside for continuing education. 

At CHN, caring for our hardworking nurses and therapists is not just lip service — it is how we operate daily, it’s the team we believe in and who we are. And we cannot wait for you to become part of it! Reach out today to learn more.

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