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Discover your passion in Home Health, Hospice & Palliative Care; choose your Options with CHN

At CHN, our passion is helping exceptional clinicians find rewarding job placements that align with their skills, interests, and priorities. As a clinician-led agency, we understand both the clinical and lifestyle considerations that contribute to finding that “perfect fit.” 

We guide professionals at all career stages—whether exploring a new specialty, advancing into leadership roles, or finding an ideal location. 

Home Health Care

For those looking to extend compassionate care into patient homes/communities, we staff competitive home health positions nationwide. Enjoy greater work-life balance through more control over your schedule, consolidated coverage territories with 1:1 patient care, and tangible patient progress. Choose caseloads based on your capacity. Our CE courses also cover specializations like wound care, pediatric care, and managing chronic illnesses.

Hospice and Palliative Care

Make meaningful connections providing pain management, counseling, coordinated care, and comfort during end-of-life stages. Our hospice and palliative staffing prioritize humanity over procedures by valuing quality time, legacy preservation, and death with dignity. Placements offer rich personal fulfillment, intimate team bonds, and cultures centered on self-care. 

Put Your Passion First!

We encourage clinicians to unapologetically chase careers that feed the soul. Seeking to empower clinical roles beyond the traditional practice areas, but if you love the hospital, we can get you there too. Hospital politics? Eager to advance your home health niche and leadership trajectory? Striving to follow your calling as a new nurse? Our mentorships and placement guidance support you. 

At CHN, we believe pursuing purpose-aligned practice cultivates happier, healthier professionals and patients alike. Browse open positions or connect with our talent scout’s today