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Ditch the Burnout, Embrace Freedom: Find Your Dream Home Health Placement with CHN

As a home health case manager, you know the struggle: overwhelming caseloads, limited resources, and the constant grind of nights, weekends, and on-call duties. It’s no wonder so many feel burnt out and undervalued. But what if there was a better way? 

At CHN, we’re not just a staffing agency; we are your pathway to a fulfilling and flexible career in home health. We specialize in placing experienced case managers like you with partner agencies offering: 

  • Weekday-only schedules: Leave the nights and weekends behind! Focus on making a difference during regular business hours and enjoy evenings and weekends for yourself. 
  • No more on-call stress: Forget the constant anxiety of waiting for the next emergency.  
  • Focus on planned visits and predictable schedules that bring peace of mind. 
  • Manageable caseloads: We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring you have the time and resources to provide exceptional care for each patient. 
  • Ample support: Gain access to a network of partner agencies, specialists, and community resources to empower you in your role. 
  • Competitive compensation and benefits: Enjoy attractive pay, robust benefits packages, and the security you deserve. 


Beyond the basics, CHN offers: 

  • Personalized placement expertise: We match your skills and preferences with the best agency environment for you. 
  • Seamless transition support: We guide you through every step, from initial interview to onboarding, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process. 
  • Ongoing support and resources: Never feel alone! We offer continued support and access to valuable resources throughout your placement. 


Don’t just take our word for it: 

“Thanks to CHN, I found a home health agency that respects my work-life balance. No more nights, weekends, or on-call! I finally have the time and energy to truly give my patients the care they deserve.” – Sarah, CHN-Placed Case Manager 

“CHN truly cares about finding the right fit. They listened to my needs and connected me with an agency that values my experience and expertise. I feel appreciated and fulfilled in my role.” – John, CHN-Placed Case Manager 

Contact CHN today and discover how we can help you: 

  • Find your ideal placement in a home health agency offering a weekday-only, off-call schedule. 
  • Benefit from our expertise and secure the best fit for your skills and values. 
  • Join a community of supported and fulfilled case managers thriving in their careers.


Do not settle for anything less than a balanced and fulfilling career. Partner with CHN and find your dream home health placement! Visit us at  to learn more!