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The Shocking Truth About The Poor Hiring Practices Of Healthcare Providers

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, job seekers must keep up with trends and the language of the industry to be able to apply for the most appropriate positions for their skill sets. In this article, we’ll look at some common trends in nursing and healthcare jobs and how you can avoid making mistakes that will prevent you from being hired.

Poor hiring practices in healthcare are hurting patient outcomes

Patient outcomes will only improve if providers find ways to recruit and hire more nurses who are caring, compassionate, and ready to care for patients at the end of life. Hospitals and other healthcare employers need to stop employing hiring practices that leave hospice nursing careers a thing of the past. Patients deserve better.

Clinical excellence is hard to assess

A hospice nurse is tasked with assessing and meeting the needs of their patients in the final stage of life. While this is an excellent career opportunity for those who love caring for others, be aware that clinical excellence is hard to assess. Many factors must be considered before making a decision. Qualities desired in a hospice nurse include compassionate, attention, trustworthiness, responsible, and dedication. Hospice nurses work around the clock and typically need to have reliable transportation as well as flexible hours.

What healthcare workers want from their next employer

As a healthcare worker, you have many desires from your next employer, and some of them may seem unrealistic. But what you want is not just for yourself — it’s for your patients. If you work in a nursing career that deals with home care or Boston jobs, you want the following: to be appreciated for your work, to be valued by the organization for whom you work and by the community at large.

Recruiting tools improve physician satisfaction and retention

Home care nurse finder is one such application that aids in hiring and finding nurses. Home care nurse finder can significantly benefit hospitals, medical offices, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare providers in their efforts to recruit and retain nurses.

Putting the pieces together for a successful hire

Finding the right people is never easy, but you can start by trying to identify skills you’re seeking and eliminating candidates that don’t match those criteria. For example, if a candidate’s resume lists an important skill as medical terminology, the candidate should have prior medical experience in order to be considered. Next, make sure you ask plenty of questions so you know what skills the candidate actually has, instead of relying on their resume or cover letter alone.

Tips for hiring well-qualified nurses

– Use pre-employment tests that are job-specific, adaptive, and legally defensible.
– Conduct more than one pre-hire assessment on a potential candidate. For example, a Nurse Screening Interview (NSI) along with the NPRE as well as other practice-specific interviews might be necessary in order to make the best hiring decision for your organization.


How to recruit great talent in healthcare?

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