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Celebrate Certified Nursing Assistants Week

Nursing assistants play a crucial role in providing high quality healthcare to patients in hospitals and medical offices. However, sometimes their contributions get overlooked, which is the reason for Certified Nursing Assistants Week, from June 15-21. Leverage this opportunity to recognize the critical work of these medical professionals supporting both doctors and nurses.


Let’s take a closer look at a few ideas for celebrating the performance of your nursing assistants. We also explore the history of Certified Nursing Assistants Week, which is also known as National Nursing Assistants Week. It ultimately improves morale at your medical establishment, helping your team provide more effective healthcare to your patients.


The History of Nursing Assistants and CNA Week


The concept of nursing assistants first appeared during World War 1. The Red Cross sent over 8,000 assistants to work directly with US Army nurses on the battlefields of Europe. Their service helped provide soldiers with the best possible care under extremely trying conditions. After the war, it also led to nursing assistants becoming a valuable resource in the hospitals of America.


The National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA) is also known at the Certified Nursing Assistants Association. They provide useful career resources for nursing assistants around the country. The CNA also serves to increase recognition of these valuable medical professionals, thus the creation of Certified Nursing Assistants Week.


Ideas For Celebrating Certified Nursing Assistants Week


Like the rest of the healthcare professionals at your organization, nursing assistants deserve meaningful recognition. Check out these ideas for celebrating the skills, experience, and empathy of this critical aspect of your medical operations. For example, simply providing a card with a personalized shows you care about their contribution. Also include a gift card inside as an extra perk.


Additionally, host a celebratory event during CNA week, like a team lunch or even an afterhours activity. Use this occasion to show additional recognition by giving awards to your top nursing assistants over the previous year. Also highlight these top performers on bulletin boards throughout your medical establishment.


Finally, use CNA week to announce a new (or highlight an existing) professional development program for your nursing assistants. Provide them the support and training they need to advance their career by becoming an LPN and eventually an RN. Offering meaningful educational resources also remains a great way to retain your talented medical professionals.


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