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If You Want to Improve Retention, Hire Candidates With High Standards

In a job market with high demand for medical professionals, retaining your current talent remains important. The costs and the risks involved with any staffing process require a focus on retention at your healthcare organization. However, did you know the quality of a candidate ultimately influences your ability to retain their services over time?

In short, hiring candidates with high moral standards means they are less likely to look for employment elsewhere. Of course, these same qualities also result in providing better care to patients. As such, let’s analyze why hiring these top-shelf candidates makes sense for your hospital or medical office.


Turnover Remains Rampant in The Field of Nursing

A study from a healthcare research agency highlights the fact that turnover remains high among nurses. According to the study, the nursing turnover rate spans from 15 to 36 percent on an annual basis. Needless to say, high turnover makes it more difficult to provide quality care to your patients. It also highlights the importance of finding nursing candidates without a tendency to regularly switch positions.


Forging a high retention rate improves the culture at your hospital or medical office. This effort leads to greater employee morale while contributing to better patient care. Employing nurses with strong empathy and a desire to be part of something greater also helps.


The Financial Hit of Onboarding New Nurses Also Makes Retention Critical

Another recent study notes that medical organizations typically pay $50,000 – $70,000 to onboard new nursing hires. Additionally, expect significant expenses after engaging your staffing process whenever you need to add talent. These costs highlight the importance of fostering a high retention rate when it comes to nurses and nursing assistants.


Still, the risks of turnover among your nurses requires a proactive approach to prevent any extra expenses. Finding those nursing candidates with high standards makes it easier to avoid losing them at an inopportune time. So when interviewing candidates, be sure to ask a few questions about their long and short-term goals.


This strategy helps identify those with higher ethics that are less prone to job-hopping. Also pay close attention to the length they stayed with previous employers throughout their career. Ultimately focus on candidates that you expect to retain over a long period of time.


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