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How to Overcome The Top Healthcare Recruiting Challenges in 2023

With a new year upon us, healthcare providers must formulate their staffing plans for 2023. Considering the acute shortage of nurses throughout the country, this becomes a somewhat tricky proposition. Additionally, considering the current strong demand in nursing, expect salaries to continue to increase as a result.

Here’s a closer look at sourcing nursing talent and handling other healthcare recruiting challenges in 2023. Use these insights to inform your organization’s staffing approach for the new year and beyond. In the end, following this advice helps your team prevent a nursing skills gap this year.


Adopt a Data-Driven Healthcare Recruitment Strategy

A data-focused staffing approach improves your organization’s chances of hiring a nurse or other healthcare professional. Leveraging data sources that include licensed nurse information allows one to find potential nursing candidates easily. Searching this information by specialty and/or geographic location also helps narrow down your candidate pool.

In short, ensure your medical business leverages a modern recruiting platform that facilitates this data-driven strategy. It optimizes your staffing efforts, resulting in a faster hire than ever before. This is the case even in a challenging staffing market for healthcare professionals.


Emphasize an Emphatic Culture at Your Healthcare Organization

Many nurses and healthcare professionals enter the field because they have empathy and truly care about a patient’s well-being. If your medical organization takes pride in its empathic nature, emphasize this fact when searching for candidates. It’s a scenario that also makes it easier to retain your current staff.

Also, consider surveying your existing staff on the organization’s current benefits package and what other perks they want. Use the responses to potentially update your offerings, as it improves your retention rate while highlighting an empathic culture. Use authentic messaging describing this culture on your website and in job listings to attract nursing and healthcare candidates.


Build a Robust Nursing Candidate Pool

As noted earlier, the nursing shortage makes it difficult to source talented candidates. However, taking a long-term approach by cultivating relationships with the types of nurses you want to hire dramatically helps. This strategy builds a strong nursing candidate pool over time, boosting your staffing efforts when necessary. When combined with the previously mentioned advice, expect to hire healthcare professionals more quickly in the future.

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