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Steps to Improve Your Candidate Experience

You want job candidates to feel great about your healthcare organization. To achieve your goal, you must account for the candidate experience. Otherwise, you risk missing out on opportunities to promote your organization and foster goodwill with candidates.


A positive candidate experience can go a long way. It can help your healthcare organization stand out to a candidate. Even if you move forward with another candidate, a positive recruitment experience may lead an individual to pursue other roles with your organization down the line.


In addition, a positive candidate experience can help your organization recruit top talent. The experience can make it easy for a candidate to fall in love with your organization. As such, the candidate may be increasingly likely to accept your job offer.


The bottom line: it pays to deliver a positive candidate experience. Now, let’s look at three steps to help you improve and optimize your experience for candidates.


1. Refine Your Hiring Process

Take a look at your hiring process and look for weaknesses. Ultimately, your hiring process should be simple, straightforward, and seamless. If the process proves to be long and arduous, it will hurt your chances of recruiting quality job candidates.


You can use questionnaires and surveys to assess your hiring process. Share these assessments with employees to learn about their hiring experiences. Furthermore, request feedback from candidates as they move through the hiring process. As you collect feedback, you can revamp your hiring process accordingly.


2. Be Transparent

Leave no room for “gray” areas as you engage with job candidates. Communicate with candidates and explain your hiring process to them. Be ready to respond to any concerns or questions from candidates, too. That way, you can minimize the risk of miscommunications that can contribute to a poor candidate experience.


Be proactive in your communications with candidates, too. This ensures candidates know what to expect as they move through the hiring cycle.


3. Extend the Candidate Relationship


Do your part to maintain candidate relationships. This requires you to keep candidates in the loop regarding job vacancies in which they may be a good fit down the line.


It can be beneficial to connect with job candidates on LinkedIn. This allows you to quickly and easily reach out to them if a new job opportunity becomes available with your organization.


Don’t forget to invite candidates to your organization’s events, too. You can send invitations to webinars and other events to help candidates stay up to date on your organization. This may lead candidates to follow your organization and keep an eye out for any career opportunities with it.


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