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Recognizing National Mental Health Awareness Month

In addition to the other healthcare awareness events this month, May serves as National Mental Health Awareness Month (NMHAM). In many cases, mental health issues tend to be stigmatized unlike problems related to a person’s physical well-being. NMHAM attempts to draw attention to this problem, with a reminder of mental health’s importance to everyone.

Hospitals and other medical establishments provide useful resources on addressing mental health issues. As such, the American Hospital Association (AHA) offers a few suggestions on using NMHAM to raise awareness in communities across the country. Let’s take a closer look at these ideas to ensure mental health gets treated like its physical equivalent.


Exploring the American Hospital Association Resources for NMHAM

The AHA provides a helpful page detailing various suggestions and resources for recognizing National Mental Health Awareness Month. The association notes their long-term commitment to integrating the treatment of mental and physical health. As noted earlier, the interrelationship between both highlights the need to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health problems.


A series of downloadable posters from the AHA focus on ensuring medical professionals use patient-centric respectful language at work. The association also provides helpful resources on suicide prevention in the healthcare community. Needless to say, the stress nurses and other medical professionals deal with on a daily basis requires a proactive approach.


Additionally, the AHA also provides a host of other useful content for NMHAM. Podcasts and webinars cover various important topics in mental health, including managing behavioral healthcare in the wake of COVID-19. A collection of behavioral health case studies provide more detailed information in this area. Of special note are two chairperson’s articles on resources for fostering strong mental well-being and behavioral health for seniors.


Of course, innovative clinical resources for managing mental health problems also need to be explored. Check out this AHA page highlighting a wide array of content related to clinical innovation in behavioral health.


Two Other Mental Health Awareness Events Happening in May

In addition to the entire month recognizing NMHAM, two other mental health awareness events take place in May. May 4th serves as World Maternal Mental Health Day. Additionally, May 7-13 is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. The AHA provides pages for both on their NMHAM page linked above.


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