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A Fast Process When Recruiting Medical Professionals is Crucial!

Your hospital or medical office needs an influx of experienced medical professionals as quickly as possible. When considering the strong demand for nurses and other healthcare talents, a fast recruiting process becomes critical. After all, the most talented candidates might only be available for a few weeks. In short, a slow staffing process costs you top talent!


So let’s take a closer look at a few of the adverse effects of an inefficient recruiting effort. In addition to losing out on great medical professionals, it takes an inordinate amount of time to spend more wisely. Understanding these negatives ultimately helps you improve your staffing process.


Screening Résumés Requires Too Much Time From Recruiters


One of the main reasons healthcare organizations suffer from a bloated staffing process involves the time spent perusing résumés. Any open position might result in having to vet 40 to 50 candidates. Needless to say this scenario requires a massive amount of time for any recruiter. It gives your competition, especially one with an optimized staffing process, a better chance of hiring your top candidate.


A Bloated Staffing Process Results in a Poor Candidate Experience


Arguably, the most important side effect of an inefficient staffing process relates to providing a poor candidate experience. The demand for nurses and other medical professionals remains at a historical high in the wake of COVID-19. At the same time, the competition for this healthcare talent continues to be fierce. In this job market, medical employers offering a top-shelf candidate experience typically enjoy a successful staffing process.


A Longer Time-to-Hire


If your hospital or medical office quickly needs to make a hire, you need an efficient staffing effort. For example, conducting multiple rounds of interviews might take a weeks depending on scheduling. As noted earlier, don’t be surprised if your top candidate accepts another offer before your final interview round.


Technology and a Medical Staffing Agency Help Optimize your Staffing Process


To add some velocity to your staffing process, consider using an application tracking system (ATS). A state of the art one powered by AI helps filter out unqualified résumés in an automated fashion. This lets your recruiters focus on only the top candidates, resulting in a faster time-to-hire.


Additionally, partner with a healthcare staffing agency to optimize your staffing process. The top agencies already vet each candidate, helping you focus on only choosing the best.


When searching for a top-shelf medical staffing agency as a partner, look no further than CHN Health Care Group. As one of the top healthcare talent providers in Boston, we only present the candidates making a great fit with your team. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your current hiring needs.