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How are Recruiters Preparing For a Recession?

After a strong economic period, the aftereffects of COVID-19 and supply chain problems increase the fears of a recession. While the demand for medical professionals remains high, the Great Resignation and other issues make life difficult for recruiters. Learning how to thrive during this environment requires flexibility, fortitude, and a positive attitude.


If you remain worried about the effects of a recession to your recruiting efforts, being prepared becomes critical. So check out these ideas so you are ready to succeed no matter the current economic situation. Ultimately, recruiting in the medical profession might reduce the adverse effects compared to those hiring in other industries.


Support the Redeployment of Potentially Laid-Off Employees


Nobody in HR wants to see employees they played a key role in onboarding end up unemployed. Perhaps they might be better used in another department or medical office in your healthcare network. Take a proactive role in suggesting this idea to management. Additionally, setting up an internal job board helps inform potentially laid-off employees of other opportunities within the same company.


Even explore the possibility of holding an internal job fair to keep this talent in-house. It provides the means for employees to show interest in moving into a different role. In better economic times, this approach also helps any medical employer retain their talented employees.


Use This Opportunity to Optimize Your Staffing Process


A fast staffing process plays a key role in hiring the best medical candidates, no matter the economic situation. A recession provides an opportunity to focus on optimizing the tools and systems your organization uses when hiring talent. Ultimately, offering a better candidate experience increases your chances of making that hire in a competitive market.


Put your optimized staffing process to work by focusing on hiring only the top medical candidates. With fewer irons in the fire during a recession, you get the ability to concentrate more on each individual recruiting effort. Remember to consider the importance of cultural fit, as it plays a key role in retaining talent over time.


Also leverage this opportunity to improve other aspects of your organization’s hiring approach. Does your applicant tracking system (ATS) provide modern features, like AI-powered résumé analysis? Consider getting a new one, if not.


Additionally, take a look at your candidate rating system and interview process to look for potential improvements. In the end, use the opportunity of a recession to make your recruiting process more efficient and effective.


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