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Are You Considering a Career in Travel Nursing?

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for talented and experienced nurses greatly increased. Because of this need, healthcare providers relied on travel nursing to fill the front lines of the COVID-19 battle. This scenario created many opportunities for RNs with a desire to see the country while getting paid.

If you are interested in travel nursing, check out this overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the practice. It provides the chance to form lasting friendships across the country and build a large professional network. With the demand for nurses still increasing, expect to never be without interesting job opportunities.


Travel The USA and Get Paid!

If you like to experience new locales, travel nursing definitely gives you that opportunity. Interesting jobs abound in large cities, like Chicago or Los Angeles, or even smaller communities. Take a position in Florida to escape the Northern winter and find a job in Vermont for the summer. Ultimately, it provides the means to add significant flexibility to your career as a nurse.


Quickly Build a Successful Nursing Career

Working in different environments in a variety of hospitals and medical offices supercharges the growth of your nursing career. You gain new skills, specializations, and valuable experience that makes you more marketable. As noted earlier, you also get the opportunity to build a professional network in healthcare. This network pays dividends when it comes time to find a new travel nursing gig.


Enjoy a Six-Figure Nursing Salary

A recent study noted that travel nurse salaries now reach the low six-figure range. Additionally, other significant benefits add to your overall pay, including tax-free stipends and bonuses. Some healthcare providers offer generous reimbursement on travel and housing expenses. Keep this in mind when negotiating a potential position as a travel nurse.


Freedom and Flexibility in Your Career

Travel nurses naturally enjoy a higher level of career freedom and flexibility compared to the rest of the field. It remains a great way to meet new friends and make professional connections, as noted earlier. If you haven’t set down roots in one location,  travel nursing makes perfect sense to build a rewarding career.


Being Away From Your Family and Loved Ones

While the pros of travel nursing outweigh the cons, you need to consider being away from friends and family. Keep this in mind before deciding on this nursing niche as a career path.


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