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Celebrating National Nurses Week 2023

National Nurses Week, taking place from May 6 to 12, provides an opportunity to show appreciation for healthcare professionals. Somewhat coincidentally, it happens around the same time as National Hospital Week, which spans May 7 to 13. It seems the May 12th birthday of Florence Nightingale serves as the reason for the closeness of both celebrations.


Of course, showing your nurses that you truly care for their professionalism and empathy matters throughout the year. So use this opportunity to provide extra recognition for the professionals serving as the lifeblood of your healthcare organization. As such, check out these ideas for how to recognize your nursing team during this week and beyond.


A Company Lunch Builds Camaraderie Among Your Nurses


Simply hosting a company event, like a lunch or dinner, provides an opportunity to recognize your nurses. In this case, holding an annual event in tandem with National Nurses Week makes perfect sense. Consider having two events at different times to ensure all your nurses are able to attend. If desired, scheduling something on the weekend or during the evening also lets family members take part.


Send Personalized Letters to All Your Nurses


Having organizational leadership and/or nursing managers send personalized letters of appreciation to your nurses also provides meaningful recognition. Combine this effort with an awards ceremony for your top performers, possibly in tandem with the event mentioned above. Consider including a gift card or other form of tangible appreciation, especially if not hosting a lunch outing.


Publish Patient Comments Praising Your Nurses


Having a comments or suggestion box lets your patients offer constructive feedback on your healthcare operations. So be sure to publish publicly any comments that mention the great care provided by your nurses. This recognition makes sense throughout the year, so include it in a newsletter in addition to social media. Being recognized for offering exceptional care incents similar efforts from the rest of your team.


Incentivize Great Care With a Rewards Program


Having a rewards program where your nurses choose the award also incentivizes top-shelf patient care. This is another program that lasts the entire year, where nurses earn points for a variety of reasons. It might be working an extra shift or covering for another nurse who needs time off.


Nurses exchange these points for a gift card or other reward – perhaps an extra vacation day? These kinds of programs enhance the employer/employee relationship, helping to improve morale at your healthcare organization.


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