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What Nurses Wish Patients Realized About Hospice

Hospice nurses possess an especially strong sense of empathy, making them a vital part of the nursing world. Of course, they want to provide exceptional end-of-life support to those under their care and their families. However, they also want these patients to understand hospice provides an opportunity to live their final days with joy.


So let’s look more closely at helping patients understand the true nature of a hospice. In a sense, the practice helps the dying retain a measure of control over their life as it ends. Perhaps these insights offer a measure of inspiration for you to specialize in this unique sector within nursing.


Beginning Hospice Care Sooner Improves Quality of Life


Many think that terminal patients only enter hospice care during the last few weeks of their life. In fact, Medicare regulations stipulate terminal patients enter hospice if they’re expected to live less than six months. In some cases, they might stay under care longer than that period, depending on the progression of their disease.


Because of these regulations, it makes sense for patients to enter hospice sooner than they might think. After all, hospice care greatly improves their quality of life for these final days. For example, patients enjoy eating the food they want, as opposed to remaining on a restricted diet.


They also take advantage of hospice aides and other therapists. These helpful professionals include musicians, masseuses, and even pet aides to brighten their life. It’s easier to spend valuable time with friends and family or simply go outside to enjoy a sunny day.


Building Meaningful Relationships Between Patients and The Hospice Team


Entering hospice sooner also fosters stronger relationships with patients and the nurses and aides caring for them. If you are interested in becoming a hospice nurse, this provides a meaningful opportunity to show your empathy. You learn about each patient and their specific needs and concerns. Ultimately, you help them pass in a peaceful manner, which remains the goal of any hospice provider.


You also get the opportunity to build relationships with a patient’s family members. This helps you learn more about each patient and their impact throughout their life. In essence, you might even become an important part of the family as the patient passes on. Ultimately, the benefits of hospice make it wise for patients to take advantage of it as soon as possible.


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