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The Top 3 Case Management Nurse Job Destinations For 2023

Case management nurses remain an important piece in ensuring excellent care for their patients. This job role combines a special mix of nursing know-how with managerial acumen and empathy. Because of these special qualities, intriguing job opportunities abound in a variety of locations across the United States.


If you want your case management nursing career to reach another level, here’s a list of the top destinations. Travel RN case managers enjoy lucrative salaries working in some of the best locales in the country. It offers an opportunity to grow your career, save money, and also have a little fun. What’s not to like?


Northern and Southern California


The entire state of California offers a copious amount of travel case management opportunities for experienced RNs. You get the chance for high-paying assignments while also being close to a variety of top-shelf vacation spots. After working hard during the week, heading to Yosemite or Monterrey over the weekend lets you recharge those batteries.


Additionally, the state’s cost of living ultimately results in a higher pay rate. If the medical organization hiring you covers some of your expenses, that means even more money for you. Spend it on skiing in the Sierras!


New England and The Northeast


The Northeast United States also provides a host of job opportunities for case management nurses. Like California, many of these areas also feature a higher cost of living, especially Boston and New York City. So keep in mind the specific location for each job. This lets you tailor your salary demands based on the local COLA index.


Also similar to California, the Northeast provides great scenery and wide array of vacation destinations. In the summer, enjoy hiking or boating, while wintertime activities abound during that time of the year.


The Pacific Northwest


Don’t sleep on the Pacific Northwest when considering destinations for travel case management RNs. This is especially the case in Washington State with a strong focus on the Seattle area. Once again, you get the opportunity for lucrative pay, and the company contracting you might cover housing expenses.


Washington also provides intriguing options for travel and other fun activities. The Cascade Mountains offer the chance for great hiking. Additionally, Puget Sound is laden with interesting islands featuring small towns worthy of a day-trip. Keep this in mind when deciding on your next destination as a travelling case management RN.


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