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New to Nursing? Here are Three Ways to Develop Your Career!

Congratulations on beginning a hopefully lifelong career as a nursing professional. The rewards in this profession remain numerous, especially if you love helping people manage their health and well-being. Additionally, with the demand for nurses at a historic high, you enjoy the opportunity for a lucrative professional life.


Still, you must take a proactive approach to developing your medical career to enjoy the best opportunity for success. So expect to enjoy multiple chances for professional development to keep your skills up to date. So let’s check out three helpful strategies to build yourself a rewarding life as a nurse.


Regularly Earn Nursing Certifications


Earning a variety of medical certifications keeps your nursing skills current and in demand. In fact, this same strategy helps technology and other professionals build a successful career. Note that becoming certified in a specialized area of nursing provides the opportunity to quickly increase your salary.


Remember, the rate of change within the medical industry continues to increase, with new tech, treatments, and more. So expect your learning to end only on your retirement day.


A Nurse Residency Program Helps New Graduates


If looking for your first job after graduating from nursing school, consider a nurse residency program. Teaching hospitals remain a great source for these types of programs. They provide an opportunity to network with other new nursing professionals. This provides a chance to share advice, struggles, and more with others new to their career. It remains a great way to transition from school into a rewarding professional life as a nurse.


Continuing Education is Critical For a Successful Nursing Career


We already discussed the importance of earning nursing certifications, especially when specializing in a certain area within the field. At the same time, being proactive when considering continuing education also keeps your career on the right track. Note that many states require a certain number of continuing education hours each year to maintain a nursing license. So expect this to become an important part of your career growth.


When searching for a job, find an employer that takes medical professional development seriously. Most of these organizations reimburse you for training used to earn a certification or meet your CEU requirements. Some even offer tuition reimbursement for an advanced degree, depending on your chosen career path. Keep this in mind if you want to become a nurse practitioner someday.


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