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Celebrating National Skilled Nursing Care Week

Notably, May serves as the month where nurses and healthcare professionals get recognized for their hard and skillful work. Hot on the heels of last week’s National Nursing Week comes National Skilled Nursing Care Week, happening May 14-20. Sometimes these important nursing professionals – serving seniors and those with disabilities – become overlooked when considering the recognition they deserve.


Notably, NSNCW traditionally begins on Mother’s Day, which makes perfect sense when considering the critical care they provide. These medical professionals definitely deserve recognition during this week as well as throughout the year. So let’s look more closely at celebrating these skilled nurses working in nursing homes and other healthcare establishments.


The History of National Skilled Nursing Care Week


The American Health Care Association (AHCA) marked the first NSNCW way back in 1967. The main goal of the week involves celebrating these valuable healthcare professionals and the crucial help they provide patients. As noted earlier, these skilled nurses care for seniors and other patients with disabilities, typically on a 24/7 basis.


Mark Parkinson, AHCA president and CEO, previously commented on the theme for the 2023 NSNCW. “We are thrilled to share that ‘Cultivating Kindness’ is the theme for next year’s National Skilled Nursing Care Week. Every day in nursing centers there are acts of kindness that go above and beyond the call of duty,” noted Parkinson.


“The theme we have chosen captures these acts of kindness that can be transformative for staff and the residents they care for. Kindness is contagious, so let’s continue cultivating and spreading it to improve lives,” he added.


Ideas For Celebrating National Skilled Nursing Care Week


The AHCA provides a convenient web page with a variety of materials suitable for celebrating NSNCW. These include a collection of logos and graphics with AHCA branding for this week’s activities. These serve to inform nurses, patients, and visitors about the week and any events hosted by your organization.


Additionally, a planning guide offers examples on the types of celebratory happenings that serve to recognize this week. The guide suggests holding a celebration with food, local musicians, and more. Having patients take part in the musical activity also offers therapeutic benefits. Also consider providing spa treatments and massages as part of the proceedings.


Using this opportunity to build more meaningful relationships between skilled nurses and their patients definitely helps cultivate kindness!


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