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Measuring The Quality of a Healthcare New Hire

Any hospital needs to track the performance and effectiveness of every employee on their team. However, this scenario especially matters when considering new hires, no matter their specific medical discipline. Measuring the quality of each new employee ultimately helps vet the quality of your medical company’s hiring process.


Many staffing professionals feel measuring the quality of new hires remains the holy grail of the recruiting process. So let’s look more closely at what metrics and strategies to use to ensure your current hiring process works. When considering the money you spend on your staffing process, improving its efficiency remains critical.


Strategies For Measuring Pre-Hire Quality


Determining the quality of any new hire requires measuring a few metrics before and after onboarding a medical professional. Not surprisingly, these pre-hire metrics focus more on the healthcare recruiting process. Some suitable data to measure include: overall candidate quality, new-hire retention, and the length of your staffing process.


Also take into consideration the channels you use to recruit each medical candidate. Note that direct referrals generally result in a higher-quality hire. So consider implementing a referral bonus program to gain access to those exceptional passive candidates. Ultimately, referrals from your own nurses and other employees remain a great source of talent.


Remember, a bloated staffing process with multiple interview rounds increases the difficulty in hiring exceptional medical professionals. So pay close attention to any time-to-hire metrics. Use this information to optimize this process where needed.


Post-Hire Quality Metrics are Critical


Of course, measuring the quality of a new hire after they actually join your team remains even more critical. In addition to vetting your staffing efforts, you also measure the overall effectiveness when onboarding and training new hires. All these processes need to be efficient to quickly hire the talented medical professionals your organization needs.


Obviously any system used to measure productivity and performance matters when determining post-hire metrics. However, you also need to determine the cultural fit of each new hire. Remember that the culture of your medical organization plays a key role in the retention of your staff.


Still, aggregating all these metrics into a quality of hire index requires another step. Ji-A Min, a research analyst at Ideal Candidate, commented on this approach. “Your quality-of-hire index can be scaled by averaging the scores of all hires and including the turnover rate,” noted Min. At that point, leverage statistical analysis to measure the strategic value of each of your organization’s medical hiring decision.


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