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Travel Nursing Myths and Misconceptions: Debunked!

The nursing shortage in the United States continues to foster high demand for nurses willing to travel. Lucrative opportunities abound, and the fact many medical establishments pay housing costs for travel nurses only increases your earnings. It also provides a way to see different parts of the country, including escaping the winter for warmer climates.


However, certain travel nursing myths and misconceptions might lower your interest in migrating to your next gig. So let’s debunk those false impressions and provide you with more accurate information on the concept. If you want to raise your salary level and aren’t tied down, it remains a great option worth exploring.


Travel Nurses Receive Poor Assignments


One common misconception about travel nursing involves those nurses receiving the worst assignments at a hospital. This myth makes little sense considering that travel nurses decide when and where they accept new gigs. Simply stated, high demand creates a market favoring the nursing candidate. You typically choose from a variety of plum opportunities with lucrative pay and many of your expenses covered.


Traveling Nurses are Forced to Float


Another related myth states that hospitals typically require their travel nurses to float. Once again, the high demand for these types of nurses easily debunks that misconception. In this situation, you tend to control your assignments. Sure, you might occasionally float, but many current travel nurses report it as a rare occurrence.


You Receive No Health Insurance Benefits as a Traveling Nurse


A hospital hiring a travel nurse on a temporary contract generally provides no insurance coverage. However, that doesn’t mean you completely lack any health insurance. Instead, the agency placing you on that contract provides a robust collection of benefits, including health coverage.


As noted earlier, with the strong demand for nurses, agencies compete for the top nursing talent. Thus, they tend to offer a generous benefits package to get you to work with them. You might even get reimbursement for CEUs as well as referral bonuses.


Travel Nurses are Shunned by the Permanent Staff


One myth about traveling nurses making the rounds mentions the poor treatment they receive from the permanent staff. This misconception also makes little sense, because these travel nurses reduce the workload of the current hospital team. Instead, it offers a great opportunity to meet fellow nurses and help prevent their burnout and compassion fatigue.


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