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Nurse Case Management Recruiting 101: Tips From The Experts

Finding talented case management RNs remains a critical goal for many medical organizations. Importantly, a continued nursing shortage makes recruiting any nurse a difficult process. At the same time, talented nursing case managers remain even more challenging to source and ultimately hire.


So let’s check out a few expert tips on recruiting experienced nurse case managers. Use these insights to optimize your organization’s staffing process, ensuring the next hiring effort results in success. In the end, make sure you never suffer from a case management skills gap at the most inopportune time.


Closely Explore a Candidate’s Cultural Fit With Your Organization


When recruiting for an important role like a nursing case manager, the skills and experience detailed on the résumé obviously matter. However, cultural fit plays a critical role in their eventual success within your organization. Because of this reality, the interview becomes crucial in determining their potential fit.


Highlight the culture of your medical organization in job listings and on your website to attract the right candidates. Additionally, be sure to check any references to get a better feel for the candidate’s attitude throughout their career. Ultimately, you don’t want to make the wrong hiring decision.


Consider Candidates With a Social Worker Background


The current nursing shortage requires medical organizations to get creative when sourcing case managers. Candidates with a background in social work have the empathy to be successful with the right managerial experience. Try to find one with at least some background in the medical field.


Be Open to Hire Traveling Case Management RNs


If your local region lacks enough case manager RN candidates, consider hiring a medical professional willing to travel. Leveraging temporary contract positions remains a great way to quicky close any skills gap affecting patient care. Of course, expect to pay a premium in salary and possibly cover housing expenses to successfully make that hire. In a challenging environment with strong demand for nurses, these extra benefits effectively become a requirement.


Partner With a Medical Staffing Agency Employing Top-Shelf Recruiters


Finding talented and experienced nursing case managers becomes easier when you have a partner. Working with an experienced medical staffing agency provides access to talented nursing candidates in a myriad of disciplines. Building a partnership over time ensures they present only the candidates making a great fit with your organization.


When searching for an exceptional medical staffing agency, look no further than the team at CHN Health Care Group. As one of the top providers of nurses in Boston, we offer experienced case managers to help your organization. Schedule some time with us to discuss a potential partnership.