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Nursing Professional Development Week: How Cross-Training Can Advance Your Career

Professional development remains an important piece in the growth of any successful nursing career. Cross-training and education help an LPN become an RN and maybe even an APRN in the future. Hospitals and medical organizations that provide significant professional development opportunities also find it easier to attract and retain talent. When looking for a new job, search for employers that emphasize cross-training.


With a goal of advancing your nursing career to a higher level, check out these insights on professional development. Cross-training helps you learn the latest skills, making you more attractive to healthcare employers. What better way to celebrate Nursing Professional Development Week!


Why Cross-Training Matters When Building a Successful Nursing Career


Cross-training gives nurses the latest healthcare skills they need to provide more advanced patient care. Some of the relevant competencies learned by cross-training include critical care, medical-surgical, and progressive care. It’s also a great way to stay abreast of the latest changes and technology advancements in the field. Cross-training also adds a measure of depth to your resume, making you more attractive to medical recruiters.


Cross-Training Provides The Skills You Need For Critical Patient Care


Adding to your nursing skill set simply makes you more valuable in the hospital or medical office. For example, adding critical care to your toolbox lets you potentially help out on a float team at work. This extra flexibility especially matters during a crunch at the hospital or when other nurses need a break. It’s also a great way to get noticed, positioning yourself for additional responsibility and advancement.


Work With Your Mentor or Nursing Manager on the Right Cross-Training Programs


Speak with your nursing manager or mentor about what cross-training programs make sense for your career path. The nursing manager likely has helpful insights on the current needs of your employer. Once again, being proactive in getting training makes you more valuable to your current employer. Remember that it also makes your resume more attractive to hiring managers across the medical industry.


Find an Employer With Top-Shelf Cross-Training Opportunities


When searching for a new nursing job, research the professional development and cross-training opportunities offered by a potential employer. You want to accept an offer from a medical

organization known for helping nurses build rewarding careers. It provides the best chance for forging a lucrative life as a nurse.


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