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Exploring Travel Nursing: A Thrilling Career Opportunity

The continuing nursing shortage caused a historical demand for travel nurses, with a significant salary increase as a result. Because of this strong need, lucrative opportunities abound for talented and experienced nurses interested in travel. In many cases, the hospital or medical office also pays for lodging and meals.

Let’s explore the world of travel nursing to see if it makes sense for your medical career path. As one obvious example, a salary well in the six-figure range provides an opportunity for financial growth. Check out these other insights on this nursing role to help you make an informed decision.

Build on Your Nursing Specialty as a Travel Nurse

Not surprisingly, travel nurses typically specialize in the same nursing niches as those working in a hospital. If you boast significant experience as an ER or ICU nurse, you leverage these skills as a travel nurse. It provides a great opportunity to add to your experience level while enjoying the high pay of travel nursing.

What is the Length of a Typical Travel Nursing Contract?

A standard travel nursing contract is 13 weeks, effectively lasting for one-quarter of a year. However, a contract might range anywhere from 8 to 26 weeks. The typical workweek of 40 hours still applies, although this remains flexible depending on the specific hospital.

Three-month contracts offer travel nurses the chance to see the country throughout the year. Imagine spending the winter on a gig at a hospital in Florida with your summers spent in Vermont. This nursing niche provides great pay, flexibility, and a sense of adventure. What’s not to like?

Tax-Free Benefits For Travel and Lodging

We already talked about the high pay received by travel nurses. Annual salaries for this nursing role average around $130,000. Additionally, your lodging and travel costs are usually paid for by the hospital or medical office. Most importantly, those extra benefits remain tax free. Needless to say, the opportunity for lucrative earnings remains an important consideration when deciding to become a travel nurse.

Make Connections and Build Your Professional Network

Working on a variety of contract assignments as a nurse helps you build a strong professional network. These connections pay dividends throughout your career. You might get advice on a work-related problem or even a lead on a new contract opportunity. This provides another important benefit of travel nursing.

If becoming a travel nurse intrigues you, contact the expert recruiters at CHN Health Care Group. As one of the top medical staffing agencies in Boston, we can help you explore bountiful travel nursing opportunities. Connect with us at your earliest convenience.