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Summer and the Value of Flexible Work Options

Summer can be a season to look forward to or a season of overwhelming costs and anxiety! Raising a family and especially having younger children who require constant supervision and care can be a challenge for working parents. It always seems to work out in the end, but usually starting around March, the planning must begin! The anticipation of a summer vacation is a great feeling. Knowing you can spend some quality time way from the working world is usually a much needed and appreciated break. Just to be able to disconnect, let go of the daily juggle, and be present with your family is something that cannot be measured in terms of value. These moments can create lifetime memories that make it possible to work through the rest of the year.

For some however, the summer is a challenge. Getting time off when needed, finding suitable care for a child that is available and affordable and /or having a crisis that requires your time and you just can’t figure out a way to be in more than one place at a time. Maybe you need 2 weeks in a row off or you would like to travel abroad to see family…is this possible in your current position? Does having a weekend commitment throw a wrench into your summer plans? Do you feel less apt to take a vacation if it means when you return your workload will be doubled or even tripled? These are all issues to contend with that the healthcare professionals who come in to meet with us share. How can they do the work they enjoy and still have the time they need and want with their family or other interests? Here at CHN, we specialize in making that balance a possibility. We offer regular Home Care RN, Hospice, RN and Case Management RN opportunities as well as some special projects and exclusive offerings that we are asked to assist with based on our unique ability to provide top notch experienced staff.

Summer is a time to slow down, eat ice cream, and enjoy the outdoors. As much as we look forward to summer, all seasons must change at some point. When you’re ready to consider a change in your current work, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our website at to see a sample of the opportunities we have available. If you don’t see what you’re looking for give us a call. Our opportunities change as regularly as the seasons.