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Do Patients Feel They Receive the Same Level of Care from Staff vs. Travel Nurses?

Do Patients Feel They Receive the Same Level of Care from Staff vs. Travel Nurses? CHN Healthcare GroupSome patients may feel they receive superior care from staff nurses over travel nurses. Ultimately, you want your healthcare organization to provide patients with exceptional care. As such, you may look far and wide for the best nurses. In some instances, you may consider staff and travel nurses for your team. Regardless of which option you choose, you can take solace in the fact that staff and travel nurses deliver the same level of care.

Staff and Travel Nurses Possess the Same Certifications and Training

To date, there is no evidence that indicates staff nurses deliver better patient care than travel nurses, or vice versa. If you recruit both staff and travel nurses, you can find nursing professionals who can become key contributors to your team.

Staff and travel nurses possess comprehensive training and expertise. They know how to provide extensive support in healthcare settings. Therefore, patients are likely to receive the same level of care from staff and travel nurses alike.

Which Should You Hire: Staff or Travel Nurses?

It can be beneficial to consider hiring both staff and travel nurses. However, it is crucial to understand what to expect from both types of nurses.

Hiring a staff nurse ensures you can add a quality healthcare professional to your team. In this instance, you may be expected to offer health benefits and other perks to your new hire. Meanwhile, you can expect this nurse to stay with your organization for an extended period of time.

Comparatively, hiring a travel nurse gives you greater flexibility. You can hire a traveling nurse on a contract. After the contract ends, you’re under no obligation to keep the nurse on your staff. Yet, if the nurse performs well, you can always offer to renew their contract or offer him or her a permanent role.

You may not need to offer a travel nurse benefits. Conversely, you may need to provide a high salary to recruit a travel nurse. And even if a travel nurse becomes a vital contributor to your team, there is no guarantee he or she will want to remain with your organization moving forward.

It Can Be Beneficial to Recruit and Hire Staff and Travel Nurses

Ideally, you want to have the best nurses on staff at all times. To identify top nursing talent, you may want to consider both staff and travel nurses.

Adding a staff or travel nurse ensures you have a qualified nursing professional on your team now and in the future. Patients will always receive terrific care, as long as you recruit and hire the right nursing professionals.

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