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3 Benefits of Supplemental Nurse Staffing for Home Care Agencies in Boston, MA

Our aging population requires increased healthcare services.

Although nursing homes or other care facilities might be the best option for some, many other seniors benefit from the help of home care nurses. A home care nurse can provide health services in the patient’s home, preserving independence in a comforting, familiar environment.

However, the senior population isn’t the only group that could benefit from home healthcare services. Home care nurses can help those recovering from surgery, managing chronic illness, or dealing with an ailment that limits mobility. Home care nurses can also provide valuable in-home education to family members and caregivers, another benefit of in-home care. In the past few years, there has been an increased demand for home care nurses, leaving many agencies without the staff they need to keep up with client demand. Many home care agencies are turning to supplemental staffing services to maintain their high standards of patient care.


Why do so many patients seek home care?

There are many reasons patients find at-home care an attractive option, including:

  • Patients can reduce the risk of infection by receiving care in their homes instead of at a hospital or clinic.
  • Home care nurses can provide insights to the care team regarding the patients’ lifestyle and at-home routine.
  • Patients receive the undivided attention of their home care nurse, providing a more personal experience.
  • Home care can be an easier option for those with chronic illness or mobility challenges.


Looking for skilled nurses for your home care agency?

CHN is one of the top nurse staffing agencies in Boston. Our empathetic and experienced nurses have been fully screened and are ready to hit the ground running with first-rate patient care. Tell us how we can help today.


What is Supplemental Healthcare Staffing?

Supplemental healthcare staffing allows home care agencies to have on-demand access to pre-screened, thoroughly vetted home care RNs in short-term, long-term, or per diem capacities. Facilities that benefit from supplemental staffing for nurses include:

  • Hospice care organizations
  • In-home care agencies
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Facilities requiring case management
  • And more


The lack of nurses is the primary challenge for many of our clients. The Covid-19 pandemic increased the demands on healthcare workers, leading to stress and burnout that is still impacting the workforce. Changes in schedules, illness, and family obligations have also contributed to shortages. During periods of high patient needs or nurse shortages, many healthcare organizations benefit from partnering with a home care staffing agency that can provide supplemental staffing for nurses to keep up with patient care.


Benefits of Supplemental Nurse Staffing in the Home Care Industry

The need for supplemental staffing services stems from the fluctuating demand for in-home care. During the height of the pandemic, hospital beds became scarce, and people sought other care options. This challenge created an enormous opportunity for home care agencies, which is projected to continue as aging baby Boomers become the largest segment of the population. Partnering with a home care staffing agency ensures that your organization is ready to rise to the challenge of providing exceptional patient care on short notice without taking on permanent hiring expenses.


Supplemental Staffing for Nurses is Cost-Effective

Hiring permanent staff and not having enough patients to keep them busy wastes time and money. Supplemental staffing services allow healthcare organizations to increase or decrease staff depending on patient needs and client requirements. This flexibility reduces payroll costs as well as decreases the costs of insurance and other benefits provided for full-time employees.

CHN is one of the most flexible nurse staffing agencies in Boston. We can help you cover different facets of home care for virtually any length of assignment. Let us help you adapt to fluctuating demand by providing qualified, hardworking nurses only when you need them.


Hiring & Firing Headaches are Eliminated with Supplemental Nurse Staffing

Credentialing, verifying, and reference-checking candidates can be frustrating and time-consuming. Let your home care staffing partner deal with the headaches of screening, vetting, and training candidates while you focus on core business functions. Your local home care staffing agency has access to an extensive pool of registered nurses and case managers who can be quickly placed with your organization—and just as quickly released. You won’t have to deal with awkward lay-offs when the need decreases in your organization. Fluctuating need is a given in supplemental staffing. Instead, you’ll have the flexibility to add or eliminate staff whenever necessary.


Supplemental Healthcare Staffing Will Improve Patient Care

As we’ve learned over the last few years, the need for nurses can increase rapidly and dramatically. Many healthcare facilities became overwhelmed during the pandemic. Having ready access to supplemental staffing services means your patients, clients, and residents will always get the care they need. You won’t have to turn patients away to seek care from other agencies. Instead, you’ll be able to adapt your staff to meet every new challenge while providing quality care.

Supplemental nurse staffing also supports your internal staff. During times of crisis, full-time employees can become overworked, leading to stress and burnout. By remaining optimally staffed, you can more easily balance the workload among your employees, ensuring a better employee experience—and better patient care—for all.


Turn to CHN for Supplemental Nurse Staffing in Boston, MA

CHN specializes in supplemental staffing, including hospice, home care, and case management registered nurses. Our extensive experience in supplemental staffing services in Boston helps us deliver exceptional candidate matches that are unique to your agency’s needs. Whether you require short-term, long-term, or per diem services, CHN can provide dedicated, skilled nurses for your organization.

As one of the top home care staffing agencies for nurses in Boston, we can help you keep up with variations in demand, access tough-to-find skill sets, prevent burnout, and improve retention in your organization. You’ll always have the nurses you need to provide outstanding patient care. Tell us how we can support your organization today. CHN is ready to help!