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What Makes Healthcare Leaders Different Among Managers?

When looking at managerial roles across the business spectrum, it becomes obvious that healthcare leaders stand out. This is especially the case with nursing managers, whose empathy helps them lead their team in providing exceptional care. As such, they provide an example to their direct reports, since any nurse must be on a similar wavelength.


Let’s take a high-level overview of how nursing managers inspire their entire team to be successful nurses. They regularly display passion for their job as well as compassion for both patients and their team. Their professionalism serves as a positive influence within any hospital or medical office.


Differentiating Nursing Managers From Other Business Leadership


Needless to say, a nursing manager needs to wear many different hats, especially compared to a typical business leader. As noted earlier, strong empathy remains critical, as caring for patients remains the most important duty for their team. In fact, this empathic nature might be the most obvious difference between a nurse manager and an IT leader.


In addition to empathy, nursing managers need the ability to thrive in a pressure-packed, stress-laden environment. Of course, all managers must stay calm under pressure, but nurses regularly deal with life-and-death scenarios on the job. A different level of inner strength and intestinal fortitude remains essential to succeed in this role.


Similar to other leaders, nursing managers typically possess excellent communication skills – both written and verbal. They also regularly interact with hospital management, their direct reports, and occasionally patients. So strong people skills are a must, in addition to professionalism. Like other managers, the ability to foster teamwork among their nurses and other direct reports also remains important.


Strategies For Making Nursing Managers More Successful


Hospital management needs to take a proactive approach to help their nursing managers be effective leaders. Provide any training opportunities to your current managers as well as senior nurses hoping to move into that role. A strong professional development program also ensures nurses and their leaders receive training on the latest medical technology. It plays a crucial role in both retaining your nursing talent and providing top-shelf patient care.


While nursing managers share some attributes with leaders in other industries, their differences highlight the importance of this role. Their empathy and compassion for their nurses and patients truly set these professionals apart from other managerial talent.


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