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Will Getting a Certification Add Value to My Nursing Career?

Keeping your nursing career on the right track requires a proactive approach to continuing education. You need to regularly add new skills to your portfolio as well as keeping your current capabilities sharp. As such, regularly earning a few relevant nursing certifications remains a critical piece of this puzzle.


So let’s look more closely at how nursing certifications help nurses add important knowledge and skills throughout their career. Use this information to increase the value of your nursing career, ensuring it continues on an upward path. Additionally, you always need to take advantage of any professional development opportunities provided by your employer.


Certifications Add Professional Credibility For Nurses


The medical world changes on a consistent basis, in many cases driven by a new technology innovation. So becoming certified in a new piece of medical technology adds a measure of credibility to your career. Having a few relevant healthcare certifications on your résumé also helps when looking for a new job. Medical hiring managers regularly search for certifications in the latest medical tech when recruiting nurse candidates.


Earning a Nursing Certification Helps You Provide Better Patient Care


Notably, studies regularly show that hospitals employing nurses with current certifications provide better patient care. If you entered the field because of your empathic nature, earning a certification lets you help patients more effectively. It boosts your knowledge base, hones new nursing techniques, and improves your judgment. Simply stated, you become a better nurse as a result.


Take Advantage of Any Certification Preparation Courses and Workshops


Many hospitals and medical offices make a proactive effort to support the continuing education of their nursing talent. This includes hosting certification prep courses and workshops, making it easier for their nurses to pass certification tests. Lu Ann Sanderson, Chief of Nursing for Los Angeles County, commented on the benefits of a recent certification workshop.


“All seats were filled and the RNs who attended were engaged with the instructor, motivated for change, and reported that they enjoyed the interactions and camaraderie. [The nurses] bonded and made future plans to study together. To date, 10 of them have achieved PMHRN-BC – nearly 17% of those who completed the course. Bringing the course [and] workshop together was well worth the time and energy,” noted Sanderson.


So be sure to take full advantage of any similar professional development opportunities provided by your employer. It’s a great way to earn certifications to take your nursing career to a higher level.


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