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How Nurses Can Advocate For Themselves to Advance Their Career

The strong demand for talented nurses makes it easier for them to build a rewarding career. Still, they must take a proactive approach to get the skills and experience necessary for success in the field. This includes speaking up to ensure access to the training and additional responsibility that helps them grow professionally.


If you want to take your nursing career to a higher level, check out these insights on professional development. Leverage this advice to become a better nurse, provide exceptional patient care, and improve your own well-being. Remember the rewards of being a nurse go far beyond a lucrative salary!


Focusing on Professional Development as a Nurse


While many hospitals and medical organizations encourage their nurses’ professional development, you still need to be proactive. If a certain niche within nursing interests you, ask your manager about any training opportunities in that area. Meet with them regularly to plan your development while setting relevant short and long-term goals. Having a mentor outside of your current workplace also adds advice and insights on your career planning.


Diana McMahon, MSN, RN, OCN®, director for professional practice at the James Cancer Hospital, commented on nursing professional development. In fact, she feels developing their skills provides a form of self-care to nurses. “Self-care is not optional. It must be a part of our professional development because it is a key component of the art and science of our caring practice,” said McMahon.


Nurses with a strong sense of well-being ultimately perform better on the job, especially when under pressure. They also become less likely to make patient errors and recover from any mistakes more effectively. As a result, they enjoy higher patient satisfaction scores.


The Learning Only Stops on Your Retirement Day


Any nurse needs professional development resources throughout their career. It also plays a crucial role in any hospital’s ability to retain their nursing talent. So when looking for a new job, research the training and development opportunities offered by any potential employer.


Once again, building a lifelong career as a nurse requires leveraging any chances to add skills and gain experience. This is especially the case when considering the technology innovations transforming the practice of healthcare. In the end, expect your learning to end only on the day of your retirement.


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