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Celebrating Health Unit Coordinator Week

August provides an opportunity to recognize the critical medical administrative services provided by health unit coordinators. They remain the lifeblood of many hospitals and medical offices, allowing nurses and healthcare professionals to focus on patients. Providing quality healthcare requires a full effort from an entire team, including the role provided by health unit coordinators.


In 2023, Health Unit Coordinator Week is August 23 to 29, while the 23rd is Health Unit Coordinator Day. Let’s look more closely at the role of the health unit coordinator and its importance to the medical world. We also explore a few ideas for celebrating both events and recognizing these crucial medical professionals.


The Duties of The Health Unit Coordinator


A health unit coordinator ensures the operational efficiency of any hospital or medical office. They help check-in new patients and manage the variety of charts typical of medical work. In short, they perform the administrative duties that help things run smoothly, with improved patient care as a result.


Exploring The History of Health Unit Coordinator Week and Day


On August 23, 1980, Myrna LaFleur hosted a meeting about forming a professional association for health unit coordinators. She eventually became the first president of the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators (NAHUC). That event served as the impetus for denoting August 23rd as Health Unit Coordinator Day. In 2017, the NAHUC expanded the recognition of these important medical professionals to a full week.


Ideas For Celebrating Health Unit Coordinator Week and Day


Since Heath Unit Coordinator Day kicks off the entire week of celebrations, host a special event on that day. A lunch at your medical office or hospital provides the opportunity to recognize the entire health coordinator team. Also consider a dinner at a local restaurant for an evening event, potentially allowing family members to attend.


The NAHUC website also provides helpful resources and ideas for recognizing Health Unit Coordinator week. Items for purchase include a convenient tumbler, stylus pen, lapel pin, and soft cover journal. Check out the downloadable flyer providing insights on the duties of an HUC and highlighting the celebratory week. Place these flyers around the hospital or medical office during the week.


Additionally, the NAHUC includes a downloadable proclamation highlighting the week. It’s suitable for sending to local governmental agencies and the media, helping to draw attention to the week’s celebration.


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