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Embrace a Career in Home Care Nursing to Make a Difference in Patients’ Lives

If you have an empathic nature, consider a rewarding career as a home care nurse. These medical professionals usually provide care to patients recovering from an illness or another injury. The duties let you forge a meaningful personal connection with those under your care.

Here is a high-level overview of the home care nursing niche to see if it sparks some interest. Use this information to better understand the role and whether it fits with your career path as a nurse. It currently provides any nurse with the means to forge lifelong success as a healthcare professional.

Duties of a Home Care Nurse

Home care nurses provide personalized care for patients in their homes. This includes everything from checking vitals to administering medication. Your patients might be recovering from a significant injury or other long-term illness, so empathy definitely matters. In some cases, you may work with the elderly or even newborn children.

Licensing and Other Requirements for Home Care Nurses

While some open home care nursing opportunities accept LPNs, most tend to require at least an RN designation. When considering the current nursing shortage those requirements might be reduced somewhat, but analyze each job ad before applying. Educational requirements typically include an associate degree in nursing, although a BSN increases your chances of a job offer. Remember that working with an experienced healthcare recruiter ensures you only apply to open positions where you qualify.

Gain More Schedule Flexibility as a Home Care Nurse

When working in home care nursing you gain an extra measure of flexibility when it comes to your schedule. In short, those days of 12-hour shifts become yesterday’s news. This provides a great opportunity to reduce stress and better balance your personal and professional lives. If currently overworked in a hospital, consider home care as a pathway to loving your nursing career again.

Make Meaningful Personal Connections With Your Patients

As noted earlier, if you possess a strong empathic nature, becoming a home care nurse makes perfect sense. It provides a way to build a rewarding career that goes beyond your salary. However, still expect to be well-paid. A recent survey notes home care nurses enjoy an average annual salary of around $93,000.

If you are interested in home care nursing opportunities, contact the experienced recruiters at CHN Health Care Group. As one of the top medical staffing agencies in New England, we can help you take your career to a higher level. Connect with us at your earliest convenience to discuss available nursing opportunities.