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Where Do Healthcare Workers Find Careers That Offer Flexible Work Options?

A nursing or other career in healthcare sometimes causes a significant amount of work-related stress. This isn’t surprising considering many nurses become overworked due to staff shortages and the strong demand for their services. Having a position providing a measure of scheduling flexibility ultimately helps healthcare professionals balance their personal and work lives.


If you are interested in healthcare career options that offer sufficient flexibility, then read further. We cover what you need to do to find something with fewer hours and a meaningful work-life balance. Use this information to reduce the amount of stress in your life and ultimately become a better professional.


Find a Healthcare Employer Using a Float Pool Staffing Strategy


Combining strong demand for nurses with a tendency to become overworked requires medical employers to adopt new staffing approaches. One of these ideas involves a concept known as float pools. These float teams are made up of cross-trained medical professionals that fill in whenever nurses need some time off. Working at a hospital with this approach provides you with significant scheduling flexibility to reduce your stress.


Job-Sharing Let Nurses Share a Full-Time Job


Another strategy hospitals use to prevent nurses from becoming overworked is job sharing. In this scenario, a few nurses effectively share a full-time nursing job. Queenie Plater, vice president at Johns Hopkins Medicine’s community division in Washington, D.C., commented on this approach.


“We may have a nurse that wants to work part time. That nurse can make an arrangement with another nurse. They can partner together and still complete the one FTE [full-time equivalent] requirement,” noted Plater.


Simply Get a Part-Time Nursing Job


Once again, the strong demand for nurses across the country requires employers to offer flexible work options. A part-time nursing job remains valid for any nurse looking for something to balance their personal and professional lives. Keep this option at the back of your mind when meeting with recruiters to plan your next job search.


Find a Medical Company Offering Alternative Scheduling


Hospitals and medical offices increasingly adopt alternative schedules to reduce stress while still fielding full shifts. During any nursing job search, research potential employers about their scheduling flexibility. A top-notch medical staffing agency also knows the hospitals currently leveraging this approach to scheduling.


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