Should You Take On A Per Diem Healthcare Assignment?

Per diem healthcare assignments can be a good option for nurses who want some flexibility in their schedules. Per diem nurses are assigned temporary work, which allows them to take on assignments that fit their schedule and interests as well as gain experience in an area of nursing they may not have had before. However, […]

Myths & Misconceptions About Working as a Hospice Nurse

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Hospice nurses are in high demand, and that’s not surprising. They’re caring people who want to help people in a time of need. But what many aren’t aware of is that there’s more to being a hospice nurse than just giving medications and holding hands with dying patients. Here are five myths about working as […]

The Symptoms & Signs of a Short-Staffed Healthcare Facility

A lack of staff is a common problem in today’s healthcare industry, especially given the increased demand for healthcare services. It can have many negative effects on your staff, patients and facility’s overall operations as a whole. High turnover rate A high turnover rate can signify that the healthcare facility is not a good place […]

Is a Lack Of Career Development Opportunities Hurting Your Talent Search?

You want the best healthcare job candidates to join your organization. However, your organization’s lack of career development opportunities may be inadvertently hurting your talent search.   Ultimately, it benefits your organization and job candidates to promote career development opportunities. Here are three reasons why:   1. You Can Show Job Candidates You Are Committed […]

Do Patients Feel They Receive the Same Level of Care from Staff vs. Travel Nurses?

Do Patients Feel They Receive the Same Level of Care from Staff vs. Travel Nurses? CHN Healthcare Group

Some patients may feel they receive superior care from staff nurses over travel nurses. Ultimately, you want your healthcare organization to provide patients with exceptional care. As such, you may look far and wide for the best nurses. In some instances, you may consider staff and travel nurses for your team. Regardless of which option […]