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Building a Long-Term Relationship: The Value of a Trusted Healthcare Staffing Agency

An experienced medical staffing agency plays a crucial role in the ultimate success of your career in healthcare. A long-term relationship with a recruiter at one of these agencies pays significant dividends throughout any medical career. They help you find intriguing job opportunities or even offer advice on your career path.

Let’s look closely at why forging a career-long relationship with a top-shelf healthcare staffing agency helps your career growth. After all, searching for a new nursing job remains difficult and time-consuming. Having a partner like CHN Health Care Group on your side makes this process easier and less risk prone.

Why CHN Health Care Group Makes Sense for Medical Professionals

Nursing remains a very stressful career, especially when considering the current shortage of talent. This situation requires many nurses to work extra shifts, increasing their stress levels and causing burnout. The adverse effects of becoming burned out lead to significant problems with both mental and physical health.

CHN works hard to find you interesting nursing positions that provide flexible schedules and a positive work-life balance. This approach ensures you maintain a healthy lifestyle while building a lucrative career. Our expertise and experience help you chart a career path leading to additional success and new opportunities.

The Importance of Forging a Long-Term Relationship With a Medical Staffing Agency

Building a career-long relationship with our trusted medical staffing agency benefits your career growth, as noted earlier. Our recruiters maintain relationships with healthcare providers throughout New England and beyond. This includes those specialty niches like home care nursing or travel nursing. In the latter case, lucrative job opportunities abound with the ability to visit interesting locales across the country.

Additionally, our recruiters understand the always evolving world of healthcare. For example, it seems new technology innovations are introduced in the medical world on an annual basis. Our industry knowledge helps you decide on the right training and certifications to earn to keep you in demand. Leverage our informed advice to ensure your career stays on the right path.

Check Out These Testimonials From Nurses Like You

These testimonials from fellow nurses help you understand how we make a difference for your career.

CHN has made it possible for me to have both an active hospice RN career and work extensively with a non-profit out of country. The support, quality and humanity of this agency has been remarkable.  For anyone seeking non-traditional employment, I recommend it!

Best decision I made was coming to CHN. Everyone is so helpful and kind. I feel valued and any needs I have had are met. They have truly exceeded all of my expectations.

If you want to build a relationship with a great medical staffing agency, look no further than us. Let’s build a great nursing career together. We look forward to receiving your email or phone call!