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Top Apps For Nurses in 2023

Mobile technology continues to be a gamechanger throughout the healthcare world, helping medical professionals provide better care to patients. Smartphone apps play a critical role as well, allowing nurses to be more efficient with a higher productivity level. With nursing professionals now working longer shifts, improved efficiency keeps their stress levels as low as possible.


What follows is a look at a few of the top mobile apps for nurses in 2023. Use these apps to work more effectively at the hospital and reduce stress at home. In the end, they let you be more engaged with your job, which is critical in any demanding profession.


Nursing Central For iOS


Nurses with an iPhone or iPad need to consider downloading the Nursing Central app. It serves as a one-stop knowledge base with useful information on drugs, diseases, tests, and medical procedures. In fact, it also provides a great resource for students still in nursing school. Notably, the app includes searchable access to the entire PubMed database.


Nurse’s Pocket Guide Puts a Medical Encyclopedia on a Smartphone


Nurse’s Pocket Guide essentially provides nurses with an entire medical encyclopedia right on their smartphone. Additionally, the app is available for both the Android and iOS mobile platforms. It also includes convenient diagnosis information for a variety of medical conditions. The included search feature lets you find relevant medical topics quickly.


Diseases Dictionary Serves as a Virtual Clinical Advisor


Any nurse who wants to build a successful career needs to understand everything about diseases. Disease Dictionary provides easily searchable information about diseases, including symptoms, treatment options, and more. The clinical advisor feature makes finding this data an easy process. Note that the app only supports the Android platform.


Stay Connected With Coworkers With ZipSchedule  


ZipSchedule provides medical professionals with a tool to stay connected with the rest of their nursing shift. Its ability to manage shift schedules, including time-off and swaps, makes it suitable for hospital managers. This app is available for both the Android and iOS platforms.


Reduce Stress With Headspace: Mindful Meditation


Regular meditation sessions play a crucial role in reducing the adverse effects of stress. Obviously, this is an important factor in the well-being of any nurse. The app offers hundreds of different meditations tailored to specific conditions, including stress and anxiety. The app supports Android, iOS, and even the Apple Watch.


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