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A Recruiter’s Guide to Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

A nursing shortage across the country continues to increase the demand for talented and experienced medical professionals. Even with this situation, sometimes nurses find it difficult to attract notice from hiring managers on LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn remains the preeminent social network for healthcare professionals, recruiters regularly use it to source nursing candidates.


So if you encounter problems attracting interest from medical organizations on LinkedIn, check out this advice. In the current market, it remains a critical source of hospitals and healthcare companies interested in you joining their team. So leverage these LinkedIn tips from a recruiter to improve the effectiveness of your next nursing job search.


Regularly Update Your LinkedIn Profile


Of course, your LinkedIn profile serves as an online version of your résumé, so keeping it current remains crucial. However, if hoping to advance in your career – perhaps becoming a nurse practitioner – post more than only career updates. Also highlight your nursing skills, using current keywords to help you get discovered when hiring managers search for candidates. This form of search engine optimization (SEO) plays a key role in medical companies finding you.


Also include any specializations and licenses you earned throughout your nursing career. Once again, adding this extra content makes it easier for hiring managers to find you. Notably, a LinkedIn insider mentions profiles listing 5 or more skills receive 27 times the activity as other users.


Additionally, be sure to advertise your availability when looking for a new position. LinkedIn enhances the searchability of your profile when you mark yourself as available for new opportunities.


Use LinkedIn to Build a Network of Medical Professionals


Of course, having a robust network of nurses and other medical professionals pays dividends throughout your career. Your network might offer useful advice on a difficult issue you encounter at work. More importantly, it also provides a great resource for new nursing job opportunities when necessary.


Not surprisingly, LinkedIn serves as a great spot to begin building your professional network. Reach out to other nurses in your region or that specialize in the same area of nursing. Again, building a network provides a great source for advice and other medical information to help your career.


Finally, posting relevant articles – even ones you wrote – positions yourself as a thought leader in the field. Expect to hear about more intriguing nursing opportunities as a result.


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