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Mastering Nursing Specializations: A Strategic Roadmap

When deciding to begin a nursing career, you might wonder about the large variety of niches within the field. Travel nurses, home care nurses, and hospice nursing all provide the opportunities for interesting and lucrative work. Additionally, working in home healthcare or hospice nursing provides other meaningful benefits for nurses with a strong empathic nature.

Let’s look at these nursing specializations to see if any of them inspire you to explore the specific niche. Depending on your current career status, you might find a pathway to increased earnings or other valuable benefits. Use this information to plan on getting the education and experience to qualify for these roles.

Travel Nursing Provides Lucrative Earning Opportunities

With the current strong demand for nurses, the travel nursing niche continues to grow in popularity. Many intriguing opportunities abound for experienced RNs across the country, including the south during wintertime! Considering the travel and temporary nature of these jobs, expect lucrative pay, including the covering of your living expenses. That latter benefit allows travel nurses to greatly increase their take home pay.

Of course, travel nurses also specialize in a variety of other nursing niches. In short, the required experience for an open position typically depends on the specific opportunity. Keep this in mind when exploring different open positions, especially the fact that an RN license is usually required.

Home Healthcare Nursing Allows a True Connection With Patients

Working as a home care nurse provides good pay and the ability to truly connect with your patients. In this role, you typically work under a supervisory doctor to provide care to patients inside their home. They might be recovering from surgery, illness, or even an injury.

Your main duties involve providing basic healthcare services, like administering medication and taking vitals. However, you also gain the reward of seeing how a patient recovers because of your skills and hard work. In most cases, possessing an RN designation is a requirement for open home care nurse positions.

Hospice Nurses Display Empathy on a Daily Basis

Charged with caring for patients in the final stages of life, hospice nurses remain a shining light in medicine. In addition to the standard RN license, an empathic nature is a must for this role. The rewards – financial and otherwise – are numerous as you make real connections with patients and their families.

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